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Data Analytics

We specialize in humanizing data, uncovering hidden stories, and mapping effective communication strategies. Are you looking to sharpen your team’s data skills? Our training programs provide engaging and hands-on learning experiences, covering data collection, data cleaning, data analysis, and data visualization. Join us to enhance your team’s abilities in working with data and harness the power of effective data-driven decision-making.

Data collection has embraced the paperless approach due to technological advancements. We specialize in developing digital tools that enable efficient data collection, specifically designed for tablets and mobile phones. Our solutions leverage systems such as ODK and Google Forms to facilitate seamless and user-friendly data gathering processes.

Data analysis is a vital step in extracting meaningful insights from data. At Faye Dataline, we specialize in professional data analysis, including data visualization, using tools such as STATA, SPSS, Excel, and Power BI. We not only analyse the data but also present the results to our clients in a clear and understandable manner.

Enhance your data analysis skills with our comprehensive training programs in Data Analysis & Management. We provide training in a wide range of popular tools and software, ensuring you gain proficiency in the following:

  1. STATA
  2. SPSS
  3. Excel
  4. Power BI
  5. ODK

Our training caters to both beginners and experienced professionals, offering valuable insights and techniques to excel in the field of data analysis