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Consultancy to Assist Field Team in Logistics and CAPI Operations for Midline Data Collection in Uganda


As part of a OneCG initiative on testing behavioral constraints to seed varietal turnover in Uganda, we will test a production side intervention (trial seed packs) and a consumer side intervention (promoting nutritional traits) in Eastern Uganda over the course of two agricultural seasons. The study started in the beginning of 2023 when a seed trial pack intervention was rolled out. A second round of data collection will happen in August 2023, at which point the consumer intervention will also have been implemented. In February 2024, an endline survey will be organized to measure the impact of both interventions on the adoption of improved seed varieties. This contact only covers the midline survey data collection part (running from July 2023 up to September 2023).

Scope of work:

  1. ODK implementation of the questionnaire
  2. Back-end management of the data collection (ODK-ONA integration)
  3. Training of enumerators
  4. Oversee data collection
  5. Monitoring and analysis of data collection

The fieldwork is expected to take about 40 full time labor days of the consultant.

Period of Performance: July – September, 2023

TO APPLY: Please upload CV and include daily rate.

IFPRI prioritizes safety of fieldwork activities for both field staff and participants. We are thus prioritizing individuals, firms, and enumerators who are fully vaccinated if vaccines are widely available for the general population. If vaccines are not widely available, we will ask for rapid antigen tests for enumerators/lead and give preference to rural based experienced enumerators to reduce Covid-19 transmission from urban to rural areas.

**We are unable to respond to every applicant individually, only the selected applicant will be contacted**


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