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Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager (1 position based at Head Office and Reports to Head of Finance and Operations

The HR Management role has a dual output namely managing change and creating and maintaining a competitive and happy workforce. 

Core Functions:

  • Develop and implement a Strategic & Business HRM Policy for UWESO
  • Plan for and administer the HRM Directorate in line with existing policy
  • Develop, implement, and monitor a talent, Learning and development management policy and strategy for UWESO
  • Define, profile and contextualize a performance and engagement culture at individual and department levels
  • Records & Payroll management
  • Develop and implement an organization-level knowledge management policy
  • Develop and implement a change management policy
  • Develop and implement a reward and recognition policy to ensure a competitive and happy workforce.

Education and Experience Requirements

Degree in SWASA/Social Sciences/ Human Resources, plus a POST Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

Masters in Business Administration is an added advantage.

5 Years and above in the Human Resources Management field.

In-depth knowledge of the labor law and HR best practices. Proven working experience as HR Practitioner.

Application Procedure:

Click on the link below to fill in the form.


Send copies of your Cover Letter and CV to

Please include your current salary

All documents should be sent as a single pdf document (not more than 5MB)


Deadline: June 22, 2023 not later than 5 pm.


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